Allergic to Office Politics?: Skip the Zyrtec and Grab a Copy of What’s Mom Still Got to Do With It?

We all know what it’s like to get sucked into office drama, no matter how hard we try to avoid it. The passive aggressive boss, the executive’s assistant who supports their ‘favorites’ more than everyone else, the coworker who just can’t seem to admit when they make a mistake...offices are full of difficult people.

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Mother's Day Reflections

Every May, families across the United States come together to celebrate their mothers. This year I spent Mother’s Day weekend at a book event for What’s Mom Still Got to Do With It? at a local Barnes and Noble, in collaboration with another mother-focused author. I gave a short book talk and signed a lot of books!

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Lani Wyman
What’s Mom Still Got to Do with It?: The Origin Story

I’m a career counselor.

I help people make career transitions by assisting them on their journey for insight about their lives and careers. Where did things go right? Where did they go wrong?

For 26 years, I have listened to people’s stories about their careers — starting with early childhood fantasies about what they wanted to be when they ‘grow up’; their choices for colleges and majors; first jobs and times they were fired; when they started businesses; when they made the choice to stay at home with their kids; when they felt successful and when they felt like frauds.

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Ali Cherasia