Motivational, entertaining and empowering, Ilana loves to speak about the impact of the mother-daughter relationships on women’s career development. Her specialties include: leadership development; career change; and, navigating the workplace. Audiences range from corporate, non-profit, women’s leadership groups and conference keynotes. 

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“I became very enlightened as to the far reaching influence mothers have on their daughters well into their career. Her credentials and presentation style, through humor and qualitative research, enabled me to come away with invaluable knowledge as to why some women can get stuck on their journey to career success... Warm and nurturing, outgoing, she also does dynamite presentations."


"I am always highly impressed with her wisdom, sincerity, approachability and most engaging presentation skills."


" I am assured that any occasion to work with Ilana will be a highly productive and enlightening experience."


"There is no cookie cutter approach with Ilana’s training and development!"