Which Type of Daughter Are You? Quiz

Do you want to find out which daughter type you most closely identify with?  Here are some questions that may help you understand how your relationship with your Mom has impacted your career journey!  Please keep in mind that it is very possible that you may identify with more than one type, as we are complex creatures and we can evolve from one to another.  For more detailed insight, purchase "What's Mom Still Got To Do With It?" or see Ilana speak in person at events in your area.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in-the-know!



Are you an IVY daughter?

  1. Does drama seem to follow you?

  2. Are you sometimes jealous of co-workers?

  3. Did you have a mother who was unavailable?

If yes to 2 or more of these questions, you might be an IVY daughter!

Ivy Isabel feels her boss Mary is condescending and belittling. She says Mary is never available to meet, which makes it very difficult for Isabel to work with her. Isabel can’t trust people and doesn’t feel trusted. This isn’t the first job where she has felt like this. Is it a coincidence that Ivy Isabel's mother was emotionally unavailable when she was a child?




Are you a MAVERICK daughter?

  1. Do you rebel  when people tell you what to do?

  2. Do you job hop from one thing to another?

  3. Was your mother a little too involved in your life (maybe even controlling)?

If yes to 2 or more of these questions, you might be a MAVERICK daughter!

Maverick Masha’s boss expects her to be in at 9:00 am at work every day, but Masha is chronically late even when her start time is adjusted. On top of that, she keeps changing jobs about once a year and she doesn’t really know what career she wants to pursue. Is it a coincidence that Maverick Masha’s mother was always telling her what to do?




Are you a BUTTERFLY daughter?

  1. Was your mother a role model for home life but not for work life?

  2. Do you sometimes feel like an imposter at work?

  3. Do others see you as successful but you have doubts about your career choices?

If Yes to 2 or more of these, you might be a BUTTERFLY daughter!

Butterfly Becky is a successful doctor but she can’t understand why she doesn’t get promoted or recognized by the hospital. Becky secretly doubts herself and worries about making mistakes.  Her mother was a stay-at-home mom and sacrificed a lot for her daughter. Why does Butterfly Becky doubt her own abilities?



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Are you a COPYCAT daughter?

  1. Did you follow similar path as your mother?

  2. Do you hide your doubts about career?

  3. Are you close to your mother and respect her work?

If Yes to 2 or more of these, you might be a COPYCAT daughter!

Copycat Casey is a teacher just like her mother. Her mother became a beloved and respected principal in a high school. Casey would rather stay in the classroom but can’t help wondering if she’s letting her mother down. Why does Copycat Casey believe she lacks ambition if she doesn’t follow in her mother’s exact footsteps?


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Are you a BOOTSTRAP daughter?

  1. Are you the very responsible one in the family?

  2. Are you a high achiever and have high expectations of others?

  3. Did you have to be the grown-up in your childhood home? For example, were your parents from another country and didn’t know language or customs?

If Yes to 2 or more of these you might be a BOOTSTRAP daughter!

Bootstrap Brenda is the Director of Volunteer Services at a non-profit organization for international medical emergencies. Brenda spends her days managing crises and making sure disaster zones have adequate coverage. Bootstrap Brenda worries endlessly and feels responsible for everyone, victims and volunteers alike. Is it a coincidence that she had to take care of her mother and young siblings from a young age?